Holy Hell Batman

By ManhattansSoWrite

July 10, 2011

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Google is where I go to start my search into anything. It’s the default on my laptop & phone, which isn’t surprising since I use the Chrome browser & Android OS, respectively. Google is my overlord… Kidding. Mostly.

I discovered something important in these results. I’m apparently not doing this the same way that most other women are getting into the digital scrapbooking hobby.

The first results are sites that sell kits, papers, etc. Awesome. As you can see, I visited both.

Software Reviews/Sales
This is where my search results became useless. I’m not interested in scrapbooking-only software. I already have Photoshop Elements for my Mac, and I don’t plan on switching to something else that might be “better” if it’s not highly useful for all other photo editing I need to do. Fundamentally, these pages are just images. That’s all I really need a software to handle.

While clicking around the useful stores & early sites, I found mentions on printing, too. Maybe I’m just really terrible at keepsakes, but I don’t want these things printed. I have plans for them and not a single one involves printing the pages out to sit around and collect dust. One of the benefits to this electronic stuff is that you don’t need a craft area to do it. I have no desire to start taking up physical space now.

Only 10 Million More…
So apparently there are more than 10.3 million more sites that come back on my search for digital scrapbooking. Oh my…

I know I’ve got a lot to learn. Seriously, I’ve already had one fit trying to make something look right. I am also blogging to no one at this point, so I’m sure there are some handy scrapbooking blogs out there. I need to find them.

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