Setting the Bar: A Challenge

By ManhattansSoWrite

July 12, 2011

Category: Challenges

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What did it take to convince me to actually start designing a page instead of just clicking through some scrapbooking sites? A challenge.

Specifically, this image is borrowed from the Shabby Shoppe Blog and represents the inspiration for their current contest. I figured that with their freebie kits and a template, I could stick my toe in the water. It was all downhill from there.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the very first page I made using this template and their materials. I thought I might enter it into the contest, but I’m not so sure now. This template inspired another page that I think is probably better quality.

Of course, I will give kudos to the Shabby Princess site since their contests like this are based on random number drawing instead of quality. I didn’t feel so intimidated to get involved in the community and hobby in case my first attempts sucked.

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