Continuing to Remember the First Time…

By ManhattansSoWrite

July 14, 2011

Category: Inspiration

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If you saw my first ever attempt at a layout, then you recognize this photo as the inspiration. Here’s a look at why I chose it.

First, it’s stunning. I love the vibrant colors and contrast. It takes a lot of plant photos before one comes out just right.

Second, the things I wrote about on my first page are true. This plant is a testament to overcoming odds. It will start growing in cooling lava that erupted about a week prior. Seriously, Mother Nature outdid herself on that feat. It also represents a story of two lovers separated by a bitter rival and then the other gods stepped in to make sure they were together forever in the form of the flower and the tree. To separate them by picking a flower supposedly makes it rain – a good part of the myth to keep tourists from picking the island dry of the flowers!

Third, looking at this picture gave me inspiration for a place I hope to get married to The Other Half. We did have a small, but still expensive idea on hand for a long time. But looking at this, I started thinking that while I love our initial idea, just flying out to Hawaii with our parents and inviting friends to come along if they want, that would be great. But not for a typical beach wedding. I hate beaches. We could get married in a lava field. If we could find an ohia bush growing out of some lava, then that would be such an amazing story and setting.

So that’s how I chose my first picture for my first ever scrapbooking page. Since then, I’ve created a guide of the kinds of pages I’d like to create to tell the story of The Other Half’s first trip to Hawaii where we discovered far more of the islands than I ever knew growing up.

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