Freebies Make Me So HAPPY!

By ManhattansSoWrite

July 16, 2011

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Until our unemployment situation changes, freebies are how I’ll have to get by in the digital scrapping world for a while.

If there’s one thing I’ve found since entering this hobby it is that the quality of freebies is pretty damn variable – and that’s being polite about it.

I stumbled (not even sure how anymore…) across a forum with a challenge for designers who are putting together mini kits and making them available for free download. OMGosh – heaven on earth for someone just getting started like me.

There is definitely a lot of junk, but there’s a lot of quality work, too. I’ve discovered quite a few new designers who I will be purchasing kits from once we have money flowing into the bank account again.

In fact, let me take this opportunity to address my view on freebies since I will admit to getting very annoyed that some of the designers are already yanking their kit download links from the earlier stages of the challenge.

I’m a capitalist. I support paying people for their time and effort. However, I also realize that the “free sample” marketing tactic works – there’s a reason that the warehouse clubs use it. They aren’t giving you those bits of sausage out of the kindness of their hearts for someone who wants to roam around Sam’s on a Sunday afternoon and fill up on bite-sized treats. They are giving them out because over the course of the day and of the lifetime of the product offered up for free, they will make back the cost of the staffer who had to cut up the sausage, the sausage used, and all of the other things that go into serving you your little sausage on a stick, such as toothpicks, napkins, and electricity to heat it.

In the scrapping world, I’ve come to view freebies as a chance to experience a designer’s work. If they offer up a full kit, or maybe even just a robust mini, I can use it and get a feel for ways I might incorporate some of the other designs I see on their sites. At this point when I can’t spend money on kits, the ones who do good work go on a list I’m keeping of kits I’ll buy as soon as the bank card is removed from the safe. I may be mooching off them right now, but I will be buying in the future. This is the chance when I must stroll for the sausage bits to win me over for when I’m stocking up the proverbial freezer. (And trust me, we have a lot of pent up consumerism, we will be spending money.)

So I don’t think of myself as a mooch. I view myself as a future customer. The people who give me a decent taste of their work will reap the financial rewards – much like Sam’s does with their sausage. Seriously, our freezer is packed with bulk meats. I stocked up before the last job ended. It’s a little crazy. Just like I’ll be at the first paycheck.

Pictured is the first kit I plan to buy – Tazza di CafĂ© by OsDesign. I found it after browsing the online shop’s freebies section. Why will it be the first? Because I have two pages from a coffee farm that I’m dying to scrap.

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