To Curse or Not To Curse

By ManhattansSoWrite

September 7, 2011

Category: My Creations

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This page took forever.

First, the title. Should I curse, or should I be good? I couldn’t think of any better way to express the feeling these guys had at their situation. For no good reason, they drove past the parking lot to the non-road, and then drove off of it onto a boulder to get down to the fishing area. No, they were not trying to fish. They didn’t lose control of the car, they just did it. Oops.

Second, the embellishments. I really wasn’t inspired until I completely re-organized my entire collection and could see more of what I had in fewer folders.

But, ultimately, it’s a page that makes me laugh. It really was one of the funnier moments on the islands.

Credits: ScrapDish Designers Basics Collaborative Kit, 2am Designs Sunny Day at the Beach, Chris Matthis Designs Classic Beauty & Summer Love

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