It’s Not MY Fault They Say Dumb Things…

By ManhattansSoWrite

October 8, 2011

Category: My Creations

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I know the rule about not saying anything at all. But, I think we’ve already established that I don’t always follow it when people do stupid things.

Considering this woman made our entire black sand beach trip memorable, it seems wrong not to scrap her. She wanted to see turtles. That’s great. Except there were warning signs everywhere that harassing the turtles is a federal crime! So what does she do, she jumps in the water to chase turtles so she can get a picture with one.

The funnier part of this story is that there’s one surefire way to get turtles to hang out near you. Simply pretend they aren’t around and you don’t care about them. If you ignore them, they don’t see you as a threat and all is well.

The airheaded-ness she had on display was only topped by the chicks we called “Lava Girls.” Unfortunately, there were no photos snapped of them so I can’t scrap them. But, I might include the story in a journal for my lava photos.

Credits: Moody Blues, Urban Kiwi, and Seasonal Sampler from Shabby Princess

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